Sony Xperia Z C6606 Announced by T-Mobile USA

From the 17th of July the Sony Xperia Z C6606 will be available under the T-Mobile banner in the US. You will be able to pre-order it from the 16th, if you wish to do so. To own the device you will have to shell out $99 upfront and subsequently enter into a 24 month contract, where you will be paying $20 monthly. If you want the Xperia Z in a contract free form, you will have to pay $579.99 and buy it from a Sony store or from the company’s online store.

Xperia Z C6606On pre-ordering the Xperia Z from T-Mobile, it will come bundled with a Sony Bluetooth Speaker at no extra cost. You can avail of this offer even if you buy the Xperia Z in the contract free form, but you have to hurry as the offer is valid only until stocks last. For now the device would be available in the USA in two color variants namely: black and purple.

The Xperia Z C6606 that will be sold under the T-Mobile banner will have LTE support, unlike the international versions that don’t have this feature.


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